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Charity Vogt, Raleigh NC 1/2/2018

This is your Services Page. It's a great opportunity to provide information about the services you provide. Double click on the text box to start editing your" I've been working on my credit for two+ years... Nothing was working. I contacted Robert and he was so understanding, extremely knowledgeable, and clearly an expert in his field! He cleared it up in 6 months! His advice and encouragement are superior! Follow his instructions and you can't go wrong! "

L.Mitchell, Chapel Hill, Nc 7/3/17

"I was so reluctant to contact Robert. It's a hard thing to let go when you hear so many bad stories out there about "rip-off" companies in the credit repair business. Well I can't tell you how much I wish I had called the minute I was given Robert's name and number! He uses the laws that have been passed to protect the consumer from shady lenders and collectors. That's it! I would never, ever know where to begin down that path. There were plenty of times Robert talked me down from the ledge and told me to stick with the program: keep up my end of doing what I had been doing - keep paying on time and he'd take care of the people who were trying to take advantage of me after I had gotten myself into a bad situation. If I have a friend who trusts me enough to tell me about having credit trouble - I will send him/her straight to Robert!"

Brianna Longhorn 4/17/2017

"I have to admit I was very reluctant to trust anyone with our credit after trying to use a company years ago with no results.Honestly the last people I felt I was scammed out of my money. Until I was highly recommended by a family friend who had just bought a house. She told me to trust in this company for they did her right. She got her credit fixed and helped her credit get her into a home and I wanted my home too. So I called Guard My Credit and found out they offer a lot more for less the money anyone else offered and even would get me Pre-Approved for home loan with their services!! They helped me build up my credit, delete my negative credit and best of all gave me the best advice than anyone else ever gave me. I thought I knew it all on how to build credit and I admit I had no clue. I want to say THANK YOU and I am going to keep them to continue to protect my credit. I am enjoying my new home and proud to finally say I am not ashamed anymore of my credit. I would recommend NO ONE ELSE but this company for they did more than just repair my credit, They helped me understand it and would not have got this home without their help. I will be with you forever and want you to continue protecting my credit!! I would give them 10 stars if I could, but it would only allow 5 on here."​

Yani & Wayne Smith

"I am very pleased with the service Guard My Credit has provided me and my Husband. We have seen amazing results already in a short period of time. I like that he is very informative and answers all questions. Returns our calls and responds in a timely manner. We are real people with real credit issues and don't have the time to do it our selves so Guard My Credit is an angel in disguise. I am a skeptic but this company has proven to be trustworthy. Thank you for our early Christmas gift news...Our credit score has gone up! Halleighurrrrrh!!!!( In my Madea voice) LOL!"​

Cathey & Herbert Murdoch

"Guard My Credit has been a blessing in our lives. When I got sick several years ago our credit which had been great went down. So we went to cash only. Robert helped us rebuild our credit in a short amount of time higher than we had been in years. We will continue to do what he taught us and highly recommend him and his company to straighten out your financial life.s"​

Mitch Simpson Huntsville, AL

"I have used 2 credit repair companies in the past. Problem I had with them was I felt there was little to nothing being done and felt like I was contacting them more to find out what is going on. So I was skeptical on contacting Guard My Credit, and GLAD I DID!! Not only did the company remove negative items off my credit report, but they also helped me build my scores up and taught me so much about credit I did not know about. I highly recommend this company and say do not waste your time with anyone else. I still have them today just to stay on top of my credit and keeping my scores in 800s!! "​

S. Wilson Ft Bragg, NC 

"I was overseas and went through a bad divorce. Needless to say, my ex had really put me through burner credit wise and debt. So I had read reviews and shopped around, and I am glad I decided to go with this company. For this company helped me build my credit up to purchase home and even helped me remove all the negative items off my credit report including a bankruptcy I had file to financial debt I was in. Thank you for giving me second chance in life!! "​

Anne F. Cincinnati, OH

"My husband and I recommend no one else to work on your credit but Guard My Credit. Robert was very helpful and very informative, and showed me so much I had no clue about credit. He worked on removing negative items and when I had planned on buying home 1-2 years later. They made it possible within a year!! "​.

Shelly Martin 2/17/17

"I was looking for a home loan, been DENIED everywhere I tried to apply for. About gave up, until one day speaking with co-worker, referred me to Guard My Credit. And they did more than restore my hope. The same house I originally wanted, and denied for, was still available 5 months later! Not only did they help me get approved but found me mortgage company to approve me and best news of all news got the home cheaper than I originally applied for!! 25k savings!!! I will recommend you to everyone and continue my services to protect my credit!!"​

William Smith San Antonio, TX

"I want to start off saying, That I have used a lot of credit repair companies in the past. But I finally found the one that lives up to there reputation by actually FIXING my credit in less time and money I have spent with other companies!! Not only did the company help Fix my credit, They also helped me get Approved for my new home in less than a year!! If you want a real company that gets results, and trust me when I say I have tried others without results, You need to check out this company that does it faster and a lot more than just fixing my credit!! Thank you Guard My Credit!! I will recommend you to everyone that needs your services or looking to purchase a home with bad credit!!"​

Shaun Besell St Augustine,FL

"Great Service Definitely Recommend!! Best Company with quick results!"​

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